fiveninedesign is a company that is focused on selling some of the world’s most unique premier vehicles. There are people in the world who are car buyers, and there are people in the world who are car enthusiasts. We tend to cater to the car enthusiast. Specializing in one off cars, hard to find vehicles, and limited editions, fiveninedesign always strives to carry some of the most distinct, bespoke inventory in the world.

fiveninedesign was created by Harris Snodgrass, in honor of his late father, Robert F. Snodgrass. Robert Snodgrass was a pioneer in the car industry, and always had a knack for customizing unique vehicles with his personal touch. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Basing his business off of integrity, honor, and customer relationships, Robert Snodgrass left plenty of wisdom and car emotion in Harris to pass on to his clients and his business. fiveninedesign was created out of love, with love, for those who have true love for the automotive world.

Welcome to fiveninedesign. Prepare for takeoff.


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