2002 Acura NSX-T Coupe

Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  We pride ourselves in offering some of the most amazing vehicles in the world, and this vehicle is no exception to our rule!  In true fiveninedesign fashion, this car is turn key, ready to enjoy, and up to date with servicing and needs nothing!

If you are looking at this ad, then you already know what this car is.  You are looking at one of the rarest automobiles on the market today, and a sure shot collectible that has long term investment written all over it.  This 2002 Acura NSX is the pinnacle of Japanese sports cars, and having such low production numbers, one of the most sought after “new car” collectibles today.  In 2002 Acura only produced 246 Acura NSX’s, and of those 246, only 15 Formula Red/Black Manual.  That is correct, you are looking at 1 of 15 that Acura EVER produced for 2002. A true collector is already getting excited when reading those numbers, and here is a statistic to add even more excitement.  This car has an immensely low 8,950 miles on it.  This is the lowest mileage NSX we have found, and truly one of, if not the only, TRUE investment quality NSX on the market today. 

The Formula Red exterior is in it’s true, original form.  Very little patina shows on this car, and the car truly looks like it could sit on an Acura showroom.  In fact, the local dealer asked to display the car, which we kindly declined.  On the door sills, the NSX plate which has the VIN engraved from the factory, still has the OEM Plastic Covering on it from the factory. Yes, it has been there for almost 16 years!  All aspects of the exterior are in excellent condition, and everything works as it should, even the abnormally long radio antenna!

Moving to the interior of the car, it is equally as exceptional.  The black leather looks great, with little wear on the drivers seat, that photographs much more aggressive than it really is.  The car greets you with that classic Acura Smell, and retains all OEM components.  Nothing was changed, added, or modified to the interior of this car, and everything works as it should.  The carpets even show no wear, and the buttons don’t have wear marks like these cars tend to show after years of use.  The Targa Top goes on and off as it did when new.

Mechanically, this car is ALSO like new! Turn key, and always maintained to the best possible level, the car needs nothing.  It has lived it’s entire life in a climate controlled private museum, on a battery tender, and as you can tell with such low miles, used sparingly to keep the juices flowing! 

You truly have to see this car in person to thoroughly understand the magnitude of it’s collectibility.  We are open to inspections, PPI’s, test drives, etc.


Currently resides in Punta Gorda, FL.