2006 Porsche 997 Carrera 4S Coupe *special order

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Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  Here at fiveninedesign, we pride ourselves in what we know, and make sure we offer the very best of that!  Luckily, what we know is Porsche.  What you are looking at is not your average Carrera.  This 2006 Porsche Carrera 4S (C4S) is a special ordered vehicle, with all of the options you dream of having, but aren’t brave enough to order. While the base price of a C4S was $87,100, this particular Porsche had so many options, the MSRP was $126,480!  With only 21,xxx miles, the car is barely broken in, and in absolutely phenomenal condition!

This gorgeous car is low mileage vehicle finished in Arctic Silver with Special Leather Cocoa interior.  The interior is full leather, and the vehicle looks BARELY used on the inside.  As this was a weekend driver for the previous owner, the condition of the car is par with it’s usage.  The Cocoa interior is so unique, because as you can see in some of my photos, it looks almost Black in low lighting scenarios, but with a Flash, and/or some sunlight on a Sunny day, you can really see the dark natural hues of the leather.  It is probably one of the prettiest interiors that we have ever come across, and it is the first thing that everyone talks about when they look at the car.  The car has Power Seats, which are also heated, making the car comfortable for extended drives or daily driving.  The previous owner added a Parrot Bluetooth unit to the vehicle, for great handsfree talking, as well as an integrated Radar Detector.  The radar detector doesn’t have even the smallest display, just a very small knob to adjust sensitivity, and volume.  This is nice, as it is not even remotely noticeable, but adds for “spirited drives” while feeling comfortable.  The car has RUF pedals installed for a larger footprint, as well as a Sport Short Throw Shifter, which was a factory option on the car.  The headrests encase the Porsche Crest, and the steering wheel is the 3 spoke Multi Function wheel.  Upon entering, the car has the Carrera 4S Metal Door Insignia, which adds to the luxury of this plush vehicle.

The exterior of the car is also in phenomenal condition.  The Arctic Silver paint is in great condition, and the front bumper has had clear bra on it since day 1.  The car has a factory ordered Porsche GT3 aerokit, as well as the standard rocker panels painted to match.  The aerokit with the factory widebody makes it look very unique, and very substantial on the road.  It demands a ton of looks, and is surely stunning in person. The 19” Carrera Sport Wheels are gorgeous, and a hint darker to give them a real “classic” look!  The Bridgestone tires have less than 1000 miles on them, and the car really needs nothing.  The front lip has some scuffs on the underside, due to the low ride height, but no major apparent damage.  There is a small dimple in one of the rear bumperettes as well. Overall, the car is near perfection! All panels are ORIGINAL paint, and the car has never been wrecked, tracked, or even remotely beaten up.

Now to the fun stuff.  This vehicle was ordered with the extremely rare and exclusive Carrera Power Kit.  The $16,900 option, boasts the car 30 horsepower, to a whopping 385 horsepower.  This power kit makes the car have an incredible powerband, and it is essentially like an all wheel drive GT3.  The Power kit has the amazing Sport Exhaust with the system, which allows for quiet time on long road trips, and with the hit of the Sport Button, the exhaust opens up to give it an insane sound, and adds a visceral experience to these cars during those spirited drive.  The sport shifter shortens the throw approximately 30 percent, and the hard firm clicks of the gear, give the car the needed amount of sport that it deserves.  Mechanically, this car is perfect.

The options of the vehicle are as follows:

Arctic Silver Metallic
Special Leather Cocoa
Cocoa Floor Mats
Power Seat Package
Self Dimming Mirrors
Heated Front Seats
Wheel Caps with Colored Crest
Park Assist System
Sport Chrono Package Plus
Navigation for PCM
Standard Rocker Panels Painted
Sport Shifter
19” Carrera Sport Wheel
Porsche Crest in Headrest
Foot Rest Aluminum
Carrera Power Kit
Metal Door Sill Model Insignia
3-Spoke Steering Wheel Multifunction in Leather

TOTAL PRICE: $126,480

This vehicle now resides in Reno, NV.

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