2009 Porsche 911 Turbo RFS59 Tribute Car



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Thank you for taking a look at another piece of unique inventory from fiveninedesign.  This special project was a culmination of a lot of time, money, thought, and hard work.  More than a car, this 2009 Porsche 911 Turbo is a story.  Built as a tribute car to my late father, Robert F. Snodgrass Jr., who was the President and CEO of Brumos Porsche/ Brumos Racing (hence the theme), the car was deemed the name “RFS59”.  Touches were made to the car that we thought he would have liked, and done himself, to build a 934 RSR like, retro but current hot rod.  A seamless mix of old and new, we knew the equation had to be just right to create what we wanted to make.  With the end of the Brumos Era happening now, it is only appropriate that the Red and Blue Stripes are slightly faded to coincide with the Cream White (versus the Carrara White that Brumos Racecars are).  Upon completion, this car has ventured the country, and has been showcased at this past years RENNSPORT REUNION at Laguna Seca, the Magnus Walker MOMO Rally across California, the SEMA show in Las Vegas, all the way back here to Florida where it has toured everywhere from the Concours d’Elegance at Amelia Island, to Daytona for the Rolex 24 Hour.  Receiving Global Coverage, from sources such as Motor Trend, Jalopnik, Excellence, and many other known publicators, this car has seen it’s fair share of spotlight.  The reason behind the car, just made it that much better.

Starting life as 1 of the 227 Manual 2009 Turbos to come to the United States, this car was purchased with the intention of building a car for the SEMA convention 2015.  Mission: Accomplished.  This Turbo is probably the only Cream White 2009 Turbo ever made, so to start with such a rare specimen, made the project special in itself.  Mated with the Sand Beige interior, the color combination prior to the custom aftermarket upgrades was a little bland for most.  I think we were able to fix that problem.  With about a 5 month build time, the goal for the car was to build something that had OEM quality finishing, but obviously utilizing aftermarket parts.  Most, if not ALL, “widebody” cars and “bodykits” are nothing more than a sub par shop riveting fenders onto a car, and painting it to sub standard quality.  In fact, building these cars for years, we have never come across a truly good “aftermarket” job.  This was not even an option for this build.  To deeply modify such a rare and perfect specimen of a 997 Turbo, it had to be perfection, or nothing at all.  The kit was fitted to the car, and every piece was customized and reshaped, to ensure that not only is this the BEST executed Liberty Walk 997 in the country, but also the most unique.  Mostly, because our kit actually fits, and it actually works.  The rear fenders were pushed back 1”, the skirts were extended, the bumpers had extra glass work to close up the pesky seams that pop up on every other build, the fenders were glassed so we didn’t have to run the gross black gaskets, to hide bad gaps.  There are no bad gaps on this car.  It is as OEM looking as it can get.  Everything on the body was thought of, and executed with the most accurate precision, thanks to our partners over at Breitling Autoworks.  As there is too much to list, a mod list (below) is the best way to really tell what has been added to this car. 

The Machine:
2009 Porsche Turbo
Cream White Special Order
Sand Beige Interior
6 Speed Manual
Sports Chrono Package
BOSE Premium Audio
PCM Navigation
Heated/Ventilated Seats (inactive)
Silver Gauges
Multi Function Steering Wheel

Aftermarket Upgrades Include:
Liberty Walk Widebody Kit 
Liberty Walk Front Lip
Getty Design 997 Ducktail Custom Fabricated with Turbo Ducts
McNichols Steel Huracan Style Grilling
Stage 6 Motorsports Stainless Steel Skid Plate- Front Bumper
Stage 6 Motorsports Stainless Steel Skid Plate- Rear Flares
997.2 LED All Clear Rear Tail Lights
19” Velos Designwerks C1 Three Piece Wheels With Step Lip
19” Toyo R888 Tires (265/35/19 325/30/19)
20” GFG FM747 Three Piece Wheels (also included)
20” Toyo Proxes R1 Tires (275/30/20 345/25/20)
KW Suspension Variant V3 Coilovers with Resevoirs
Porsche OEM GT2 Alignment Specs
Custom Exhaust System (Catless)
Agency Power Silicone Boost Hoses
BMC Red Air Intake Filter
DENSO Spark Plugs
EVOMS Diverter Valves
COBB Tuned
CSF Radiators 3 Piece Radiator Set
CAE Hard Shifter all Polished
GT3 Cup Cables
CAE Shifter Cover finished in Cream White
Rear Center Console finished in Cream White
Status Racing Ring GT Solid Carbon Fiber Seats Refinished with Cream White Shells, Sand Beige Outers, and Houndstooth Pads
Polished Aluminum Powdercoated Seat Frames
Cream White Powdercoated Seat Brackets
Cream White Powdercoated Agency Power Bolt in Roller
RENNLine Track Mats
RENNLine Foot Pads
RENNLine Pedals including Heel Toe Extension and Resting Pad
SCROTH 4 Point Harnesses (Quick Release)
Full PIWIS Recalibration to Account For Airbag Lights, Weight Sensing Seats, etc
Faded Brumos Livery with RFS 59 on Rear Decklid
XPEL on flares and exposed areas

This may be something that you think you could handle building, but be assured building something like this is a FULL TIME JOB.  It wasn’t left at a shop and occasionally checked on, it was built with pride, dignity, and the respect that a build of this caliber deserves.  The two objectives were perfect fitment, and usability.  This car has been driven about 3000 miles with this kit on, and has never had to be fixed or resprayed.  It rarely, if ever, rubs a tire, and with some cautious driving, it could be daily driven.  It isn’t terribly practical, because lets face it, it doesn’t have to be.  If that is what you are looking for, then you are most definitely looking at the wrong car.  This is a show car, that isn’t a trailer queen.  This car can be driven hard, and treated like a Porsche should be.  It was driven from Los Angeles to Laguna Seca (7 hours) through the deserts and mountain roads, and also back to LA down the Pacific Coast highway. That trip alone proved to us the car was ready.  They are purpose built machines, and if you are looking at this then you already know that.  

Please feel free to contact us for more information on the car, as there is TONS of it.  Do not waste our time with low ball offers, or silly questions.  Test drives can happen… with a $10,000 refundable deposit.  A pre purchase inspection is absolutely welcome, and we probably won’t sell you the car unless you come and look at it in person your self.  There is a ton of sentimental attachment to this build, and rightfully so.  I doubt we will ever go this in depth again on something, so now is your chance to own a car that I can assure you, would be VERY hard, and EXTREMELY expensive to replicate.

Currently resides in Vancouver, BC, CA.

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