2018 Dodge Challenger SRT DEMON


This particular vehicle is one of the hottest machines you can buy in the world today.  A car that took the media, and the car market by storm, as a vehicle that even the NHRA banned.  This is our 2018 Dodge SRT Demon.  A car that needs ZERO introduction anywhere, we are proud to offer one of the most competitively priced Demon’s on the market today, in absolutely stunning condition. 

Finished in White Knuckle with a Satin Black Hood, this is, in our opinion, the best Demon color combination you could get.  The Satin Black Demon wheels match the Black Hood Accents nice, and the car has an absolutely sinister look about it from any angle.  The wide fender arches, the NT05R 315 width Drag Tires all around, the satin rear Spoiler, and the DEMON badge all add to the equation in letting everyone around you know that you mean business.  There is no major exterior damage on this vehicle as you can see in the pictures here.  The exterior was washed and waxed weekly, and methodically cared for, and it is very apparent.  No previous paintwork and no previous body damage have ever been a part of this Demon’s life. 

The interior of this Demon is incredible as well.  Finished in Black Leather/Alcantara Combination, with a gorgeous Alcantara Steering wheel and Red Seat belts, you will immediately forget you are sitting in a race car, until you hear that DEMON whine.  From A/C Ventilated Seats, to remote start, to full App’s on your huge dash display, the creature comforts of this Demon ensure the best of all worlds, and an answer to any task you may throw at the car, all with 800+ horsepower at tap.  This Demon was ordered with the passenger seat, and back seats as well, which look as if they have never been used.  As far as options go, this Demon was ordered with everything except the sunroof, which no one ordered due to the structural rigidity of this car under acceleration.  

This vehicle comes fully serviced, and ready to be driven.  The previous owner, a veteran who works in the Dodge family, pampered this car to the fullest extent.  This car has NEVER been to the racetrack.  It has NEVER been beaten on, and has not lived a tough life like all of these other SRT cars on the market.  This was ordered by him New, and driven with his son to events, dinners, honestly, almost as a daily driver!  The car is true, and it shows very well that it has nothing to hide.   The DEMON Crate is in our hands, and will also come with the car.  The wheels, jack, torque wrench, etc, are all still in the wrapper new, and have never been used.  The new center control stack has been installed in the car, as has the updated ECU and Intake System.  This car has all of the crate components installed, all you would need to do to complete it, should you decide to take the car to the track, is install the skinnies, pump in some race gas, and go! 

Inspections, PPI’s, and test RIDES permitted.