1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe

Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  We pride ourselves in offering some of the most amazing vehicles in the world, and this vehicle is no exception to our rule!  In true fiveninedesign fashion, this car is turn key, ready to enjoy, and up to date with servicing and needs nothing!  This 1985 Porsche Carrera Coupe is finished in G1 Guards Red with Black Partial Leather interior.  One of the most perfect color combinations for a classic air cooled Porsche, nothing screams Porsche more than Guards Red!

The exterior of this car is in extremely good condition.  The car in discussion is almost 33 years old, and it looks better than most current cars on the road today.  It is evident and extremely apparent that this 911 Coupe has been thoroughly maintained and owned from day one.  It is so nice to see cars that have this type of story, because sadly many don’t.  The paint appears to be mostly original, and shines like new.  Even under the harshest light, which is what we photographed the car in, very few blemishes and flaws stand out.  The occasional touch up mark, or paint chip, but no major damage anywhere, and a near flawless finish.  With a good paint correction, we worried this car might look TOO good.  The factory wheels are in great condition, although this car wears a set of 9” rear wheels to give it that more hotrod look.  The front wheels are the standard rear wheels on the cars, and the original front wheels will also be included in sale.  No curb rash is evident, and the Toyo tires are in decent condition with middle tread life remaining.  The car is fitted with factory front and rear spoilers, which is a nice rare touch to give the car a more aggressive look.  All of the factory gaps are like OEM new, and it is apparent and obvious this car has never been wrecked like so many others have.  This car even has all original Sekurit Glass!

Moving to the interior, the car is just as impressive in this aspect!  The black leather seats show no tears or rips, and just mild patina on the drivers seat bolster and lower pad.  Nothing out of the ordinary, and again, an easy fix, but why fix something so original?  The aroma of a vintage Porsche fills the cockpit, and everything is how it was in 1985, and how it should be, even down to the Blaupunkt Radio!  The backseats stay in the down position to preserve the leather from getting sun beaten.  The car is fitted with period correct vintage “Porsche” Floor Mats, and it doesn’t get much better than that!  All switches and lights work, as well as the sunroof.  The leather stretched headliner is not bunching or ripping as it is in 90% of these cars, however the sun visors have poofed up a bit, which is very common, and an easy fix, should someone want to start “restoring” this car.  Again, we think it is better with age, and better with some patina. 

Lastly, lets discuss the mechanical side of this Porsche.  This is one extremely dry, and really nicely maintained air cooled 911!  Of course it may have the occasional drop of oil, which is very normal, but it isn’t seeping majorly from any orifice, nor does it show signs of future problems.  As you can see in the pictures, it truly is a very tight and clean 911 underneath.  The engine bay has very little wear or even dirt, and is reminiscent of a time capsule.  The shifts are smooth and crisp, and the clutch engagement is near perfect.  It really does drive like a new 911.  Under acceleration the car doesn’t squat funny, or torque steer in a direction.  It sits down perfectly balanced, and shoots straight as an arrow. 

Factory Options and Information Include:
05/29/1985 Production Completion Date
64F04107 M930/21 Engine
74F04155 G915/68 Transmission
Guards Red/G1 Exterior Paint
Black Partial Leather/LT Interior
US Standard Emissions
Limited Slip Differential
Central Locking System
Forged Alloy Wheels
Cruise Control
Spoilers F/R
Sport Shock Absorbers
Electric Sliding Sunroof

All in all, you are looking at a very clean, very straight, and very organized Porsche Carrera.  The car has plenty of service records, as well as the original tool kit, air compressor, car cover, Certificate of Authenticity, books and keys.  If you are looking for a car to take to car shows, PCA events, or even just a weekend driver, this car can fill all voids.  It is photographed below without edits, so what you see is what you get.  The air cooled market, while it has cooled down some, has not really evolved on these G Body 911’s.  Here is an opportunity to purchase an investment quality 911 that is only going to appreciate over time.