1991 Porsche 911 964 Turbo (965)

VIN: WP0AA2965MS480518

Mileage: 41,490

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Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of inventory from fiveninedesign.  As you may know, specializing in rare, hard to find, and nearly impossible to replace inventory, this 1991 Porsche 911 964 Turbo (965) is no exception.  This low mileage, well kept air cooled Porsche is sure to be a stable investment grade automobile, with plenty of room to grow financially!  These 964 Chassis Porsches are becoming more desirable by the MINUTE, and the Turbo model is at the top of that list.  Here is an opportunity to own a car that you will never want to sell, and that will put smiles on your face whether you are driving it or looking at it in your garage or collector space.  While listed as a 3 owner car, technically it has only been owned by two people, as the second owner (whom we bought the vehicle from) is a new car dealer in Chicago, and kept this car at his summer home in Central Florida.

Finished in traditional black paint, this Porsche Turbo looks absolutely unbelievable.  As this car had been sitting for roughly 2-3 years inside a collectors garage, it is apparent that it was never a sun beaten car.  It bears mostly all original paint, with original panels as well.  We metered the car with a paint meter to prove that this car is still in OEM condition.  There is the occasional rock chip, and some minor patina, but much less than you would expect from an UNRESTORED example of this vehicle.  The SpeedLine Wheels give the car the classic look that these 90’s Turbos needed.  No major curb marks or damage to the wheels, and freshly hand polished by yours truly.  After a light buff, wax, and paint sealant, this car looks absolutely unreal.  Just take a look at the pictures for yourself, you won’t find another one like this.  None of the weather stripping or rubber is cracked or faded, more evidence that this car was never left under the weather.  The car still retains the stock rock guards and seals, which could use replacing, but we would rather let that decision be made by the final owner. Some people (including us) would rather keep the car in it’s original physical condition.  The Porsche brakes are in excellent condition, finished in traditional Porsche Red with White PORSCHE font. The interior of the car is also in phenomenal condition.  The black leather seats (non supple) are in great condition, with no cracks or major flaws.  All of the doors, carpet, and electronics are in tact.  The smell; classic vintage Porsche.  It is a nostalgic smell that will bring you back to the era of these cars.  The radio is original and works, however the speakers could definitely be replaced.  Again, we vouched to leave this car unrestored, and in the condition we took it in at.  There are no lights on the dash, and nothing to note in regards to major flaws or damage on the interior.  The car has a period correct built in radar detector, and cruise control.

Mechanically, this 911 is VERY sound.  Coming from a VERY prominent shop in Central Florida, this car was maintained meticulously by one of the leading Porsche technicians IN THE WORLD.  For his privacy, I will disclose privately who I am referring to.  He kept the car up to date upon getting it out of it’s storage, and prior to our delivery, went through the car and gave it a great service.  Valve adjustments were made, as well as fluid changes to ensure the car was in tip top shape.  Upon bringing the car to Jacksonville, we brought it to world famous Brumos Porsche for an even more extensive servicing.  The car was converted to R34 for AC, the car was balanced, new intercooler mounts were installed, as well as any other parts in the engine bay that had even the slightest corrosion.  The car has an aftermarket exhaust installed, as well as an intake filter, both of which ultimately will not devalue the car, and make it sound and run like a scolded dog. Also, an Andial style manual minor boost knob is put in, but set to factory boost, where the car still retains it’s classic single turbo power level, with the always fun and infamous “lag”. Brumos gave the car a clean bill of health, and has since been put in our shop under cover, where it remains ready to go.

We most definitely suggest you come and see this magnificent air cooled Porsche in person.  There is nothing to hide, and you most likely not find a cleaner one on the market.  What you see in the pictures, was taken on June 21, 2016.   It is available for test drive to serious buyers only, and a PPI is always possible.  Many records will come with this vehicle, along with books, all keys, and all goodies that left with it in Stuttgart.  The opportunity to talk to people who have serviced the car is always open, and will make even the most discerning buyer comfortable in knowing he is buying a well owned, well maintained, and rare piece of history.

 Currently resides in Lancaster, PA.

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