1958 Volkswagen Panel Bus

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This 1958 Volkswagen Panel Van is absolutely no exception to our rule.  This is such a classic vehicle, that could not be replicated again, because while any vehicle can be restored, or most of the time over restored, they can only be original once.  This Bus is a great specimen of a rare, unrestored, and original survivor from 1958. 

This Panel Wagon was originally purchased by Dittmer’s Flower Shop & Greenhouses from Lincoln, Nebraska. Upon delivery in 1958, the originally Sealing Wax Red Utility Van was repainted in the two tone green theme it currently wears, and was hand painted with the Company Logos and pertaining information.  Small accents of the original red show through the well preserved Patina, and create the look and feel so many desire, but few can produce.  Again, they are only original once.  Little did Dittmer’s Flower Shop know that the vehicle they ordered then, would be such a valuable and rare commodity today, with all of the “go to’s” that the Bus guys look for.  High Hinges on the doors.  High Mount Tail Lights.  Pressed Bumpers.  It clicks all of the boxes.

To make the truck a tad better, and more usable in today’s driving climate, the vehicle was completely gone through.  From the Drivetrain, to the Suspension and Brakes, it has all been touched, and maneuvered to make this a great driving, and well performing bus, that you should never have a doubt getting in and driving, even on a long road trip!  The front has a narrowed beam, which is running through lowering spindles with Porsche 944 Front Disc Brakes.  The wide five bolt pattern was converted to a 5×130 bolt pattern to open the opportunity to run the Fuch style wheels on all four corners.  The original reduction boxes were swapped out for a beetle swing axle transmission.  The transmission runs to a 1600CC Dual Port Engine which runs the coveted 12V alternator setup. 

What you see is what you get.  This is an honest survivor, that is surely an appreciating asset for its next caretaker.