2004 Range Rover HSE

Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  Here at fiveninedesign, we strive to offer some of the most unique and rare vehicles on the market globally. In layman’s terms, if we are selling it, it is special.  This 2004 Land Rover Range Rover HSE is no exception.  This truck was our personal shop truck for over 1 year, and we have decided it is time to let the next caretaker enjoy it.  This all original Range Rover is in exceptional condition, with zero aftermarket upgrades.  Everything on the truck is as it should be, and it is very apparent that it was cared for throughout it’s life. 

Finished in Epsom Green Metallic with Parchment Tan leather interior, this car has an iconic look to it and is sure to be a classic with time.  The last real “Range Rover” chassis, and one that has such low mileage, and excellent condition, this is the winning equation.  With just a tad over 61,000 miles, this truck has decades of life left in it, especially bearing the Bosch 4.4 BMW Motor.  One of the only good square body Range Rover era’s to exist!  The exterior has a few Knicks and scratches from being 15 years old, particularly on the front bumper corner, and rear bumper corner, but none of it stands out, and it would be a shame to repaint on this all original truck!  The paint shines like new, and will be polished for sale!
The interior of the truck is in excellent condition as well.  Still smells of Range Rover, and the leather is all in tact with no tears or major damages.  The headliner has a slight sag, but again, since all original and not obtrusive, why alter it?  The interior works as it should, the A/C will freeze you out of it, and the heated seats will catch you on fire! There isn’t anything that this truck can not do.  

Mechanically, this truck is in great condition.  It runs like a top, and is honestly one of the best driving vehicles you will ever experience.  It is a turn key truck with no issues whatsoever. 
This truck is available for inspection at any time, as well as test drives and viewings.