2018 Porsche 911 GT3 “Paint to Sample”

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Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  Here at fiveninedesign, we strive to offer some of the most unique and rare vehicles on the market globally. In layman’s terms, if we are selling it, it is special. Available now is the immensely special, and rare 2018 Porsche 911 GT3.  The GT3 is the pinnacle of purist driving, and a car that any automotive enthusiast can appreciate at many capacities.  This example is one of the most special we have seen.

Finished in “Paint to Sample” Lichtgrun (Birch Green), this is one of the few examples of a GT3 that was offered with the rare option to custom paint it to your heart’s content.  Ordered by Graham Rahal, one of the best Indy Car Drivers in the world, and no stranger to knowing how to order cars, this car was brought to life.  The Birch Green Exterior is absolutely show stopping, and there are less than 5 known 991 GT3’s painted in Birch Green.  To accompany the gorgeous vibrant exterior, Graham had installed a custom one off set of HRE R101LW (Lightweight) Centerlock Wheels finished in Satin Black.  These are not off the shelf wheels, these are the lightest wheels that HRE makes, and come with a hefty price tag of over $12,000.00. On these gorgeous custom rollers is a set of Michelin PS4’s.  The Satin Black finish ties in perfectly with the Wing Ends, and Rear Intake Inlets which come from Porsche in that awesome Satin Black. 

The interior of this car carries that coveted Full Carbon Bucket Seats, along with another super desirable feature, a manual shift knob.  The Standard Interior in Black Leather and Alcantara is phenomenal, and shows that this car means business.  It is a purpose built machine, to provide the truest form of driving, and every aspect of this interior helps add to that equation.  To spice up the interior, and to further progress this beast, Graham Rahal Performance added a BBI Street Cup Roll Bar painted to Match in Birch Green.  This in no way affects the seating position, or use of this vehicle, just adds a layer of aesthetic and safety that is not available to US Spec cars from the factory. 

This car has less than 2800 miles on it, and has never been tracked or beaten on.  It has been cared for meticulously, as you can see in the pictures, and doesn’t need anything but a driver.  Below is the Options list on this car which bring the MSRP to a staggering $184,560.00

Original Options

Exterior Color in Custom Color Non Metallic

Standard Interior in Leather/Alcantara in Black

Extended Range Fuel Tank, 23.7 Gallon

Preparation for Exterior Paint to Sample

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB)

Front Axle Lift System

6-Speed GT Sport Manual Transmission

Smoking Package (Extra Power Plug)

Control Number for Custom Color

Exterior in Custom Color, Non-Metallic

BOSE Surround Sound System

Vehicle Key Painted incl. Key Pouch in Leather

Full Bucket Seats

Chrono Package with Preparation for Lap Trigger

Wheels Painted in Satin Platinum (no longer with car)

Preparation for Personalized Door Sill Guards Illuminated

LED Headlights in Black with Porsche Dynamic Light System

Door Sill Guards in Carbon Fiber, Illuminated

Fuel Cap with Aluminum Look Finish