1964 Lotus Elan S2

Thank you for looking at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  This one, right out of the personal collection.  This is an extremely rare, and extremely well sorted 1964 Lotus Elan S2 Convertible.  This is not just your average Lotus Elan, this is an Elan with a racing history, single owner history, and documentation to back up the vehicle.  In layman terms, if you are looking to buy a correct Lotus Elan, then you probably should NOT look any further. 

This Elan was purchased new by the owner, and kept until last year, when the original owner passed away.  When he purchased this Elan in the 60’s, he lived by the theory race on Sunday, drive to work on Monday.  This was his track car, all while being his daily driver.  Originally ordering the car in BRG (British Racing Green), he felt that due to it’s inadequate size and small demeanor, that he should have the car painted Yellow, so he can be seen on the road, and on the track.  Sometime immediately after delivery in the mid 60’s, he had the Lotus dealership do a full color change to the current yellow on the vehicle. Thus, while this is not “original paint”, it is an era correct paint job that still shines very nicely.  Some areas of evident touch up are there, but we would sure hope so after 53 years.  This little Elan went to winning SCCA Races throughout the USA, and even won a race at the SCCA Nationals at the old Huntsville Airfields track.  A lot of the race history is documented, and will be sold with the car.  It is rare to find a car with race winning history, in it’s original condition, unmolested, and unrestored such as this.

Upon receiving the car, it went to one of the best Lotus specialists in the United States, to be thoroughly checked over, and serviced to ensure optimum running performance.  At this time, the frame was checked, and is in perfect condition, (a major weak point on these cars), as well as an all new suspension setup was installed, along with new tires on the Panasport wheels.  The result is a truly turn key, Elan that is ready for weekend driving duties, or even some Historic Racing.  The car comes with a fully in tact Tonneau cover for both seating positions, as well as the deconstructed top, which is in good condition (but never on the car).  A battery switch is also installed behind the passenger seat, for easy kill operation.

This is one of those cars that needs to be discussed thoroughly due to it’s overwhelming amount of documentation and preservation.  A writeup will not be able to accurately describe the car as well as a phone call could.  This car can be purchased via Private Sale, or through our dealership, whichever is a more attractive avenue for you. 

Some areas of attention: Small Crack on the Dashboard, minor touchup paint throughout the vehicle, Minor pitting in some areas of Chrome.  Original wheels and spare come with the car, however the lighter and more attractive Pana’s on the car make it drive TONS better.