2008 Porsche 911 997 Turbo Cabriolet

Thank you for taking a look at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  True to our roots, and our fashion, we are proud to offer this beautiful 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet to the public.  These cars are the last of a dying breed, and are truly special to own and drive.  Whether it is for investment purposes or to enjoy and drive, this car is suited to fit any scenario it is put in!  We really only specialize in selling prime examples of whatever product it is, and we would like to think if you are in the market for a lower mileage 997 Turbo Cabriolet, with the rare and desirable manual transmission, then look no further.  This Porsche 911 Turbo left the factory with an MSRP of $147,835.00

Starting with the exterior of this Turbo, as you can easily see in the pictures, this was a previously well maintained, enthusiast owned 911 Turbo Cabriolet.  Upon metering the car with a paint meter, it is proven that all panels are original paint, and this car has never been involved in any type of accident or repaint needed.  There are no true visible signs of damage anywhere, and the paint shines better than new.  Upon the acquisition of this Turbo, we spent hours fine polishing the black paint, to ensure it was presented properly and in fiveninedesign fashion.  The convertible top doesn’t have any tears or scuffs, and looks like new.  To give the car a more sinister look, we had our in house Powdercoating facility take the stock Turbo 19” wheels and refinish them in Porsche Gloss Black to match the paint.  We also used Porsche factory approved spacers to set the wheels out a small bit, and give the car the much needed aggressive stance that a Turbo deserves.  There are no major scrapes, chips, or damage on the exterior of the car, and surprisingly, the stock Turbo front lip isn’t beat up, like every other Turbo in the world!  The red calipers tie in great with the factory all Red Tail Lamps, which were special ordered when the car was built.

Moving the the interior, this car really stands out in a crowd of 997’s.  Upon ordering this car new, the first owner exercised his right to order Porsche EXCLUSIVE options, to make the inside a little bit more special than your average 911.  The Black Full Leather is copious when entering this car, and the smell of Porsche leather engulfs you.  Everywhere you look is either bespoke leather options, or bespoke paint options, which surely make this car special.  The factory heated Adaptive Sport Seats are in great condition, with minor wear on the outer bolster of the driver’s seat, but no rips or tears.  For being several years old, this interior looks phenomenal! The car has a Smooth Leather Steering wheel installed, with even the Y Trim on the wheel finished in matching black leather.  Moving to the dashboard, there is a variety of leather stitches showing amazing German craftsmanship, including stitching surrounding the factory defrost vents and speakers.  The door finishers surrounding the door handles have been ordered in Black leather with deviated stitching.  Also, the sun visors were ordered in Full Leather with stitching, to stand out from the standard vinyl plastic option.  The switch panel package was painted from the factory in Gloss Black to match the exterior, as well as the Gear Lever Trim, Door Opener Pulls, and the full PCM Navigation system.  This is the first painted PCM we have seen, and what an incredible option this is! This is almost $5,000.00 worth of Black Painted interior parts alone.  A true way to make this car very special.  The factory gauges are finished in typical Porsche silver, with the exclusive Turbo Script dead center.  A great thing to look at as you drive this supercar.  Overall, the interior is in phenomenal condition.  No tears, rips, or scents, just your average where and scuff marks.  The center console shows some minor wear, but nothing out of the ordinary for a 997 standard center console.

Mechanically this Turbo is in excellent condition.  It has surpassed our safety inspection, and has been inspected by the Porsche dealership.  The car doesn’t leak, and pulls strong into boost and through the rev range.  The transmission is as smooth as butter, and the shifts are crisp and perfect.  The overboost feature on Sport Chrono Package cars is incredible, and works as it should to supply extra power at full throttle for a bit of time.  This 480 horsepower 911 is great to drive, and truly a special breed.  Over 80% of Turbo Cabriolet’s were ordered with the very laggy, and archaic “TipTronic” transmission.  While this is great for the few that cant drive stick shift, it is nice to know this is a purist’s version of an amazing platform.

All in all, if you are looking for a Manual Transmission, low mileage 997 Turbo, then this may be the car for you.  No stories, no issues, PPI Ready, and ready for test drives.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  The car was owned previously by a 15+ year PCS (Porsche Club of America) Member, and it comes from a great home.  It is available to see here in Jacksonville, FL at any time!

Factory Options

Black Paint
Cabriolet Roof in Black
Black Full Leather
Adaptive Sport Seats
Heated Front Seats
Smooth Leather Steering Wheel
Sport Chrono Package Turbo
Floor Mats in Interior Color
Exclusive Options:
Switch Panel Package Painted Exterior Color
Gear Lever Trim Painted Exterior Color
Y Trim Steering Wheel in Leather
Door Opener Painted Exterior Color
PCM Package Painted Exterior Color
Red Taillights
Leather Sun Visors Lighted Mirror
Door Finishers in Leather
MSRP: $147,835