2015 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG S-Model Wagon

Thank you for looking at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  Per usual, we are sticking to our theme of unique, rare, bespoke, and fast.  This incredible machine is no exception to that.  We are proud to present to the open public this unbelievable 2015 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG S-Model 4Matic Wagon.  The ULTIMATE daily driver, and the ULTIMATE wagon, there is nothing like this vehicle on the road today, period.  A gorgeous one owner example, with over $16,000 in custom bespoke aftermarket upgrades, makes this already special Estate wagon extra special.  A custom one off ordered car to the desired specs, we think this wagon was ordered as perfect as possible.  The All Wheel Drive System, paired with the likes of around 675 horsepower and 750 foot pounds of torque, make this AMG move unlike anything you have ever experienced.  Looking at it’s large size and gorgeous shape, you are lost in the lines so much that you forget this is an ultra high performance vehicle, like anything that leaves AMG’s hands.  This AMG Wagon left the factory with an absurd $122,695 MSRP.  Beat that!

The exterior of this super wagon is finished in Obsidian Black Metallic, which is a stunning color.  Black in all aspects, with hints of metallic flare in certain light, makes the color not only gorgeous to look at, but also much easier to maintain than straight black.  To further with the black theme, this car was ordered with the special AMG Exterior Night Styling, which limits the use of Chrome and switches it for Black Finishes.  A great touch, and a gorgeous addition to match the sinister nature of this wagon.  The door trim, front bumper trim, rear diffuser, and exhaust tips, are now finished in Piano Black versus the standard chrome or silver trim.

The interior of this gorgeous machine is finished in Black Nappa Leather, with the awesome and exclusive designs Mystic Red Leather Package.  Where most Mercedes Benz’s are draped in wood or aluminum, this car is graced with Carbon Fiber Weave.  Where most Mercedes Benz’s are finished in pleather, or vinyl, this car is finished in Nappa Leather.  It is hard to compare this to any typical Mercedes Benz, because simply put, this is the farthest thing from a typical Mercedes Benz possible.  Sitting in the adaptive seats, which hug you upon any curve, and massage you at the push of the button, it truly makes you realize how good of a car this is.  Look up, and the roof is draped in Alcantara, with huge glass openings, for a full panoramic experience. The stereo system from Harmon Kardon is hardly good enough anymore, so this car was ordered with the super rare Bang & Olufsen Upgraded Stereo System with Lighted Tweeters.  A great stereo system and talking point amongst your passengers, an option you didn’t know you needed until you don’t have it.  Moving to the rear seats, both headrests are fitted with the OEM Rear Seat Entertainment System.  Both Remote Controls, as well as both wireless headsets are included in the sale of this vehicle.  Splitview was ordered, which allows the passenger to watch a movie in the front seat, without distracting the driver.  Truly incredible technology.  Rear Side Airbags were also ordered, ensuring the safety of you and your family or friends in the event of an unfortunate mishap.

This vehicle is equipped with the Driver Assistance Package.  This package includes DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, BAS PLUS with Cross Traffic Assist, PRE-SAFE Plus, and PRE-SAFE Brake with Pedestrian Recognition.  Basically, this vehicle has eyes and cameras which will assist in keeping you out of an accident to the best of Mercedes Benz’s ability.  This E63 also has the AMG Parking Assist Package, which includes a 360 Degree Surround View Camera System.  The car was also ordered with a Carbon Fiber Engine Cover.

On top of this mountain of information and options, this car was brought a few steps further to make it really special.  Utilizing the best of the best in the aftermarket world, modifications were made to further the aesthetics and performance of the vehicle, without any compromise.  Replacing the S AMG Wheels, are a set of HRE Vintage 305M 3 Piece Wheels in 20×9 and 20×10.5  These wheels are finished with Polished Lips, and Brushed and Cleared Centers.  As you may know, HRE makes the best wheels in the world, and these were custom built to the tune of $10,500.00  They are wrapped in unworn Michelin Pilot Super Sports which grip the road with ferocity.  The All Wheel Drive helps with that a bit as well.  The suspension was slightly modified using H&R Custom made springs and leveling sensors.  The ride has more flexibility now, with a great stiff setup in the Sport + Mode, and still a comfortable ride when in Comfort Mode.  The ride height is adjustable, but the car has been professionally lowered and aligned at it’s current configuration, and we don’t know why anyone would mess with it.  It looks incredible. The windows were tinted using a ceramic film, which drastically cuts down heat and wear to the gorgeous Nappa Leather.  Moving to the performance department, this is where things get fun.  This car has had the standard Downpipes and Catalytic Converters removed and replaced with World-Motorsports Street Legal Downpipes with High Flow Catalytic Converters.  What does this mean? More performance, more sound, more turbo noises, with no affect on emissions. Also, the added horsepower is a nice touch. The center resonator is replaced with a custom S&S X Pipe as well, which just adds to the ferricious sounding AMG V8.    Mated with a Eurocharged ECU/TCU Tune, this car is fully sorted, and making close to 700 horsepower, and 750 foot pounds of torque.

This is a super wagon.  It is not for everyone, however, whoever ends up with it is a very lucky person.  The limited production of these magnificent AMG Estate Wagons ensure you will be one of the only people in the world lucky enough to experience one of these.  Please feel free to contact us with more questions or concerns regarding the wagon. It is still under a great factory warranty, which should be unaffected by any of the aftermarket additions.  This vehicle is available for test drive or inspection in Jacksonville, FL.

2015 E63 AMG S-Model 4Matic Wagon Suggested Retail Price: $103,200
Obsidian Black: N/C
Black Nappa Leather: N/C
Carbon Fiber Trim: $2,850
Carbon Fiber Engine Cover: $1,500
AMG Exterior Night Styling: $750
Bang & Olufsen Sound w/ red. trunk space: $5,400
Rear Seat Entertainment System: $1,910
Special Order: $250
Rear Side Airbags (SPC): $420
designo Mystic Red Leather Package: $1,180
AMG Parking Assist Package: $800
Driver Assistance Package: $2,800
Destination and Delivery: $925
Total Retail Price: $122,695.00

Aftermarket Additions:
HRE 305M Vintage Custom Wheels: $10,500
Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires: $1,150
H&R Custom Suspension Upgrade with Sensor Links: $1,400
RADO World Motorsports Catted Downpipes: $2,600
Eurocharged ECU/TCU inc. tune for Downpipes: $2,900
Ceramic Tint: $300

Total: $18,850 not including Labor.

If you tried to build this car, it would cost you $141,545.00


Currently Resides in Maplewood, NJ