2014 BMW i3 Mega World

Thank you for looking at another unique piece of fiveninedesign inventory.  Stepping out of the realm of our normal, gas powered, high horsepower sports cars, is this glorious “EV” (electric vehicle).  This 2014 BMW i3 Mega World is an absolutely fantastic commuter vehicle, with more to offer than what meets the eye.  The first thing people see is a small car, that is probably very slow, unsturdy, and cramped.  All of those assumptions are incorrect, which is what makes the i3 such a special vehicle for a broader audience than one would think.

This i3 has a very low 13,550 miles on it, and is in excellent condition.  The original beige metallic paint was professionally protected and wrapped in a special limited edition film which is known as APA Jungle Material.  It is a satin black camouflage print, with a texture to it.  The depth of the wrap is incredible, just check out the pictures!  The paint underneath the wrap is perfect, as this vehicle was bought by our customer from a BMW franchise dealership as a Certified Pre Owned Vehicle.  The factory 19” Wheels were refinished in Gloss Black to continue with the blacked out theme, and the windows were treated with Ceramic Tint to help cut down heat, as well as protect the beautiful interior.

The interior of the i3 is impeccable. The only wear visible on the interior is the floor mats, as they are practically white.  Best bet would be to add a set of the awesome BMW All Condition Weather Mats in the car, and continue thoroughly enjoying it!  With Navigation, Bluetooth, Parking Sensors, Heated Seats, and Ambient Lighting, this i3 is equipped with all of the luxuries you would expect from a BMW product.

Driving the i3 is a special feeling.  The car is equipped with regenerative braking, thus you can essentially drive them “one footed”.   The brakes and brake lights are applied as soon as you let off of the gas, making them very easy to drive, and effortless.  The car generating 174 horsepower from ZERO RPM’s, means the acceleration is very impressive.  Expect to be faster off of the stop light than almost anything that pulls up next to you!  After a day of driving, pull it in your garage or driveway, and plug it in with the included Active Charger, and be ready to go the next morning! Expect to go about 80-85 miles on a charge, and the charge can be from a standard 110V Plug, just like anything else in  your house!

This i3 is in need of nothing, and is ready to enjoy and drive, under warranty!

Currently resides in Columbus, OH.